About Faculty

The Faculty of Letters started its academic life in 1991-1992 academic year as the “Faculty of Science and Letters.”Although it had only the Department of American Culture and Literature at the foundation phase, it made important progress with the establishment of the Departments of Translation and Interpreting in 1995, History and Linguistics in 1998 and Archaeology in 1999. After the establishment of the Departments of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology in the following years, the Dean of the Faculty felt necessary to establish two separate bodies of the Science and Letters. At the end of the restructuring period that began in 2010, the Faculty of Science and Letters was converted to two separate faculties on 30th June 2010 and the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Letters were founded. After that restructuring period, the Departments of Museology and Comparative Literature were founded, academic staff was appointed and both of these departments obtained the opportunity to start the undergraduate program. In addition to the departments mentioned, Museology, Comparative Literature, Turkish Language and Literature and Russian Language and Literature Departments were also established and started their educational activities. There are 14 departments, 23 administrative and 106 academic staff within the body of our faculty. The number of registered students in the Faculty of Letters during the 2012-2013 academic year was 1874. In the Departments of History, Archaeology and Translation and Interpreting, there are evening education programs as well as formal education. We also offer our students the opportunity of Interdepartmental Double Major Programs and Second Major Programs.